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The name of the Agency was chosen during a productive brainstorming. Our purposes is to help you discover the latest trends and all our favorite brand in complete analysis.

On the website, you could find our different members as Julie, the CEO of the company

My name is Julie and I decided to found Accro’care with my team in 2016 because beauty and trends are what I’m motivated about. I wanted to create a community with the same passion. I’m sure the company had great hopes.

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Margaux, the Community Manager

“I’ve always been the kind of person that looooves makeup and can’t live a day without watching some of my favorites youtuber’s videos, so when Julie offered me the opportunity to work with her and manage the social media pole of Accro’Care Agency, I couldn’t hesitate a second!” 

Fun Fact : “Celine Dion’s songs have no secrets for me.” 


Lou the Co-founder

“I’m Lou Co-funder of Accro’care. We started this journey to inspire women and teenagers. The aim of this website is to create a community of people searching for information and news about trends in beauty area.”


Andrea, Writer and expert in trends analysis


“Writing is my passion and the brand marketing is like my second passion. Working with them both is literally a blessing. I can inform our community of followers through my articles which is very interesting and all about sharing. I found Accro’care thanks to the internet where i saw a job offer, i applied and Julie & Lou hired me immediately. We quickly get a good feeling and I had the impression of being complementary with them, that’s why it works so well.

Fun Fact: My favourite movie is The blind side, i’ve seen it like 50 times (at least).

and Juliette the Producer and video designer


I always liked filming. I began to make small movies of my holidays thus then I got used to filming everything with my phone now I film everything and anything and in fact movies. What makes me  happy the most it is being able to create, tell stories, put alive simple things “.

Funny fact: I cry in front of Bambi.


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