Negin Mirsalehi is a beauty influencer that gather a 4.7M community. Born and raised in a a beekiping family, it has always been obvious for negin to create a beauty brand in which bee based products were essentials. With the help of her parents expertise, she lauched her first honey-based beauty product in 2016. This family business may look very traditionnal but its brand identity reputation proves us that it is indeed, a 100% digital oriented.

brand identity reputation Gisou

Negin using the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil credits: @Gisou Instagram

A couple of years after the initial launch of Gisou, the brand counts now five products in total. The brand identity reputation of this brand mostly depends on social medias as its owner is a digital influencer. As a matter of fact, the main distribution channel choosen by the brand in obviously their own eshop. This kind of distribution creates a craze around the products’ launchs and elaborate a luuxry brand identity reputaiton.

Gisou brand identity reputation

Gisou Honey – Credits: @Gisou Instagram

Negin and her family have built a luxury brand identity reputaiton for Gisou. By including their family history and controlling the products’ distribution, their managed to create a very rare and wanted product. But is it a strategy or are they forced to operate this way because of their traditionnal production? In any event, Gisou products were only physically available once in an italian pop-up store. When Sephora US contacts them to distribute their products, they even have to decline the offer. However, their products are now available on the Urban Outfitters website. Shop here:

One thing is sure, Gisou’s strong and luxury brand identity reputation results of Negin’s brand identity reputation. Digital beauty influencer, she gave her online credibility to her brand. She is one of the biggest beauty influencer, she collabs with luxury brand such as Dior, Chanel and Balmain. As a matter of fact, her business has a strong brand identity reputation and very followed presence on social medias.

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