Today we are going to have a look on a brand that all of you heard about it. In this new article we are going to see how this brand built its brand identity reputation.

The brand Dior is a European luxury goods company and was founded in 1948 by the eponyms’ designer Christian Dior. Nowadays, this French brand internationally known, is part of the LVMH Group and controlled by Bernard Arnault, a French businessman.

Active all over the world, Dior is an example of international marketing. We are interested in studying how the brand built its brand identity reputation based on a huge ambition and a lot of work.

Our question today is: how the French brand reached its purpose? Let’s take a look on the different steps:



Ready-to-wear, leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, timepieces, fragrance, makeup and skincare products and of course the traditional haute-couture.



Over 1.000 Dior Shops in Europe (without France) shows the success of the brand. The brand is the leader in the luxury LVMH Market.



A French brand as Dior can easily marks the history and a new product from the brand is unanimously welcomed by the public.

You can also follow that link to have more informations about the reputation of the brand :

To conclude, you saw how this many facets brand built its brand identity reputation all over the world and over decades. All those things led to the expansion and the success of Dior.

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