Who can really overcome the blackheads phenomenon ?

Few years ago a new trend appeared. Without any shame, Youtubers started showing their techniques to overcome blackheads. If you forgot what it is, here is a quick reminder. Blackheads are famous to be located on the face and more specifically on the nose and surrounding areas.


Since this trend, you can understand the term of black masks and blackheads removers. The black mask have been famous for being very effective but not good for the skin. Millennials are ready to do anything to be free of pimples, these products can only be best sellers. The electronic devices are yearning the blackheads, however it remains not really spread for now.

Blackhead vaccum -Uvenux

Blackhead vaccum -Uvenux

Black-masks were not allowed to be sell in some countries because of the toxic components. More and more brand such as Nivea or Garnier or even Sephora launched similar products in Europe to counter the law. But some products online can be dangerous you thus have to pay attention. Take a look at feedbacks but also certification and components.

Are these solutions effective enough ?

According to instagramers and youtubers it most of the time is. But in reality, the enthusiasm around the results is not always hear. The asian market is not thinking that way. In fact, this market is very familiar with the black-masks and the remover.

Your skin can also react in a different way depending on your pigmentation. It can be the reason why you have that much hard time getting rid of blackheads.

Our accrocare tip: If you have struggle to have a clean and a sane skin but the best way is to treat it everyday with lotion and creme. If you have a oily skin you can try special treatments. Keep in mind that every skin is different. And girls, don’t forget that make-up can damage your skin seriously.

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