Did you hear about the new trend of doing your own cosmetics and make-up. Since 2014 the era of DYI (Do It Yourself) has changed the way and most specially teenagers are consuming Nowadays you can easily learn to renovate your furnitures or to cook some delicious pastry’s recipe. More recently the trend of doing and selling your own make-up has surfaced. But is it efficient and quality guarantee ?

Some expert tend to say that it not sure and hygienic. It’s also the case for cheap products. Not to say that expensive cosmetics are always of good quality but generally the elements and the components are more natural and tested which means less risk for your skin. It is understandable not earn hundreds of euros in cosmetics. However you have to know that buying home-made product is not cost-free. On the contrary, you can easily earn fifty euros in make-up. Home-made is generally more playful than something else.

What about making/building your own make-up with your own products or products you can find on the internet ? You can consider that and it can be fun to do. Otherwise you can do it and save money. Or there is a third possibility which is to sell the rest on internet. But you have to make sure it is safe and not harmful.

Check out the link below and follow the instructions to do it right!

Even if you are doing you own natural make-up you can dangerous in terms of skin-reaction. Natural product can disagree too with some skin types and create allergic reactions. Better being cleansed than disfigured right ?

Obviously home made product are not about brand images and reputation but it can also be an opportunity to find your color. In 2017 there are still girls struggling with finding their skin-shades. DRAMATIC!!!!!!! That’s why it is sympathique to see progress in here. But once again girls, please pay attention to chimical products and natural products too. And if you are about to buy your make-up to a complete stranger: please ask for information before using it and wasting your money in something you may will regret in 3 days.

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