How Kiehl’s became a big name among luxury brands ?


Kiehl’s is a skin care company based on the brand identity reputation of a « medical skin care ». From the packaging, to the uniform of the sellers, passing by their marketing strategy, which is by the way, a brillant idea. Kiehl’s is created in 1851 in New York and is originally called « Kiehl Pharmacy ». Almost two century after, the brand is still really popular and innovative. Let’s talk about how this business works.

kiehl's shopping bag brand identity reputation

Kiehl’s shopping bag


Kiehl’s has managed to create and over all to keep a high-quality brand identity reputation, it is mostly thanks to its customer’s service based on their marketing strategy. From your arrival next to the Kiehl’s shop, all the way through your bathroom, the Kiehl’s magical brand identity reputation follows you around.

When you first arrive in a Kiehl’s shop,  you can spot a sign saying that you can make a diagnosis of your type of skin for free. There are real experts in the shop.
Entering in the shop, you can immediatly feel that the staff will help you as pharmacist would do. If you choose to do the diagnosis of your skin, you sit with an expert for a few minutes.  He asks you several questions regarding your skin care routine and lifestyle. This diagnosis consists of putting a sheet on an area of your face to analyse the hydratation and dryness level of your skin.

what a healthy and and unhealthy skin looks like

What your unhealthy skin looks like

With all the informations the expert have, he will provide you a « consultation guide ». This guide is very complet with  reminders of your skin type, explicative pictures of how healthy and unhealthy skins are. But also the list of the whole Kiehl’s products. As he knows your skin type, he gives you 5 samples that match your skin’s needs.

Kiehl's products samples

Your little “non shopping” bag from Kiehl’s

In a nutshell, with its marketing strategy Kiehl’s has managed to give you that « medical » and « expert level ». It’s all part of the brand identity reputation. However they managed to tell you about their idea of skin care. The aim is to give you the want to came back and spend your money in their store.  Especially if you are aware of how much they will take care of your skin with such a level of expertise.

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