Little summary on Chanel

Chanel is a French luxury producer of haute couture, as well as ready-made clothes, accessories, perfumes and various products. It is founded in the 1910s by Gabrielle Chanel nicknamed Coco Chanel.
The haute couture brand is now enjoying worldwide prestige and unanimous notoriety.
Its turnover amounts to nearly $ 5.67 billion in 2015.


The rapid success of Coco Chanel allows it to quickly expand its brand by launching a line of clothing, perfumes… Coco Chanel has always been inspired by men’s clothes and has always wanted to emancipate women. That’s why she’s known for creating a sleek, minimalist style that is the brand’s entire identity.

Chanel lipstick from the boutique of the 3rd district of Paris

Chanel’s marketing target

The main target of Chanel are men and women aged 30 and over being of a category CSP ++.
Nevertheless, the Chanel’s house wants to expand this clientele and therefore tries to address to younger customers. Customers are becoming more diversified, but purchases are now becoming instable (very little loyalty, very casual).

Entrance to the Chanel shop in the 3rd district near the Marais

Its brand strategy…

Chanel’s brand strategy is based on craft quality, a know-how that brings together the best French artisan. But it also keeps the traditional side while innovating constantly. Chanel perfectly represents luxury “made in France”. Although the brand wants to reach more people, it is still aimed at a particular category more or less selected by the brand. For example, shops are few and have specific characteristics (locations, size …). Each shop is thought to represent luxury. There are only 80 ready-made clothes stores in the world and 20 outlets for jewelry. Thanks to the specialized perfume and cosmetics shops, Chanel obtains more visibility on its range of perfumes or make-up.

The different fragrance oils from the Chanel boutique in the 3rd district

The strength that makes Chanel a must-have brand

 The plus for the Chanel brand are its sellers that it trains itself. Indeed, the sellers accompany the customer throughout his purchases (Chanel does not sell online) which creates a close relationship between the seller and the customer, and allows them to build loyalty. The communication strategy of Chanel remains basic, that is to say with prints distributed in magazines but also by advertising videos (use their muses for this format: Vanessa Paradis, Lily Allen, Audrey Tautou …). These videos are mostly made as movies with storytelling and brand content very successful. The goal is to sell a dream share to the customer.

In conclusion, with all its strategies Chanel remains at the top whether in haute-couture, perfume and cosmetics. The products are excellent because made in the art of French artisan. Gabrielle Chanel has managed to forge a reputation for its brand and it is still extant.




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