MAC cosmetics was established in Toronto when makeup artist and photographer, Frank Toskan and beauty salon owner, Frank Angelo brainstormed a makeup line.

Frustrated because of the lack of colours that would shoot well with photography; their aim was to develop a studio line makeup line that would fulfill their professional needs.

The brand identity image:


It is very innovating, trendy, cosmopolitan. It can be proved by the number of countries where it can be found and due to company’s cosmopolitan values such as MAC.

The cosmetic brand  production is chic, modern and bold.  MAC is an elegant brand.

MAC has a reputation of being a very high-end, “good quality” makeup brand. Many people instantly gravitate towards because of its well known name.

Product are really good quality :colorful, bold, custom. Matches every skin tone.

The target market of the brand  is all ages, sexes, races, and socio-economic groups.

But their products enable them to touch more precise target by proposing a huge choice of colors depending on the envy and the favorite shades of the customers.

Costumers invest some effort into this process to get the desired benefits.

The company is  perceive as a heterogeneous product because consumers perceive it as being essentially different. Why different ? Thanks to the large choices and more than everything a STRONG brand identity and a worldwide brand reputation.

MAC cosmetic like collaborating with other well known companies. It allow the brand to use them as a source of inspiration for new cosmetic lines and also gives them the ability to use their image to attract costumers.

Lou Lemaire 

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