If you don’t know this young lady yet, Elsa is a Youtuber specialized in beauty, makeup and fashion. As well as her name indicate it. Since she became a brand full-blown launching bunch of different makeup product as makeover palette, lipsticks and recently nail polish. We are going to discover her strategy in branding.

brand identity reputation polish

brand identity reputation polish brand identity reputation polish

  • How she became a brand? Her techniques of branding

Not only she offered a shopping experience but also her name is part of her brand. She created a real quality and value business that she shares every week with her community.

The reputation that she has seems to be very good with her almost 1 million of subscribers on Youtube and Instagram.This strong brand image permitted her to transform her Youtube’s videos on her profession.

Instagram is also a huge part in her daily life because it strengthens her brand image and her reputation giving for example, promotion codes for her own makeup brand resell by her business partnership Sponjac.

Also, in terms of personal resources, we can probably say that it’s “poor”. She only need a computer, some editing softwares, a smartphone and some imagination. Seems like she has a competitive advantage in her business as she as valuable firm and that her work is perfectly imitable as we can compare with tons of videos on Youtube, according to the Corporate Identity, Corporate Branding and Corporate Reputations by Russel Abratt that you can just find here .

To conclude the learned :

  • How she built her reputation
  • and to what point is she valuable

As a result this case shows us today that it is important to develop effective public relation and communication strategies for both brand image and reputation.


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