Is Aésop, an high-end cosmetics company ?

From Shampoo to deodorant, passing by conditioners Aésop is now on every range, ready to compet with other brands with a strong brand identity such as Caudalie or Nude.

28 years after this business has been created in Australia, it count hundreds of stores around the world.

Just by entering a store, your skin is suddenly more clean. Just joking. But more seriously if you have the occasion to go to one of the Aésop houses, don’t hesitate. It is exactly like a journey in a luxury hotel in the middle of a jungle nowhere.

About the products (because it is what we are interested in) we agree that the prices are quiet expensive we can say that it is still affordable for a luxury segment and especially when we compare other luxury products to it such as the Givenchy’s cream or Chanel lip products.

Ready to spent 30$ or more in a shampoo ?

This is not the kind of casual product that we can find in supermarkets or great distribution. But this is what it is all about. Making you come into the stores and experience the Aesop experience is part of why the prices are so expensive but not only.

Organic and natural products are very trendy and epxensive because it is a pledge of excellence. And the trends generally enables company and brands to raise their prices (ex : Iphone, hype brands such as Champion or Fila, The yeezys collections) Testing Aésop is adopting its brand identity.

Now Aesop is more and more diversifying itself by making perfume and home oil blend. If you miss ideas for a birthday, you’re welcome.


You are not convinced ? Just go at the entry of one of the stores and you can test selected products. It is free and it worse the non-cost.

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