This brand was created in 1959 by Yves Rocher in Bretagne (french region). Yves Rocher is the only global brand e cosmetics to master all products of the plant in the skin of his 30 million customers. 10 years after its creation the first shop was opened that the Boulevard Haussman in Paris. Then in 1970, it creates a subsidiary in Belgium and in Switzerland. Finally in 1991, Yves Rocher is the second brand after Macdonald to settle down in Russia. The empire Yves Rocher was born.

Yves Rocher believes in the virtues vegetable, it thus created the Vegetable Cosmetic range is knew how to make it accessible approachable to all the women. It knew how to unite the nature and the women to establish constitute a ” alive beauty “. The brand knew how to give also an image of expert by creating the range Laboratory natural Health: concentrated by scientific expertise to bring the best of the vegetable world kept silent by proposing assets of origins vegetable, aromas is coloring natural. It refuses to use the threatened plants, the GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS and the extracts of animals. It has even to develop a Charter Plants.

Yves Rocher was indicated undertaken preferred of French for the 12th time according to the Barometer Posternark Ifop in December, 2014 and the elected representative better site in 2014. Thus Yves Rocher is a mark which has a very good fame and a good image with his consumers. In France on January 1st, 2015, Yves Rocher had 627 stores and 1980 cabins of care. Furthermore, more than 6,1 millions of its customers were active. Besides, in the world on January 1st, 2015, Yves Rocher was the first network of beauty in Europe, had more than 4000 points of sale and 3000 cabins of care. The brand is present in 90 countries and number of products launched on average every year is 250. Which concerns the research and development, the innovation products is constant and perms to renew the ranges with the clientele existing. But the brand also tries to create new products to widen its clientele. Its clientele is mainly women between 18 years and 60 and more.But his heart of target are the women of 25 in 35 years.

Yves Rocher positonne on facial skincare and body and cosmetics. His mission is to return beauty accessible to all the women. But what differentiates this mark of others it is that it pulls its benefactions of the nature via its knowledge.

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Yves Rocher holds one of the most important customer databases of trade specialized with pus of 30millions of women in the world.

Its marketing strategy consists in creating a customer relationship of closeness and a sustainable relation. Its bit extra it is because it has a catalog by correspondence translates into 22 languages of which the Braille. Yves Rocher wishes to democratize the beauty for all the women thanks to moderate prices and politics policy of development of customer loyalty thanks to surveys of regular satisfaction.

At the level of his products, Yves Rocher has ranges of products very diversified, adapted to the tastes of the various targets, products are guaranteed and to intend for everybody. The ranges of these products are very diversified: facial skincare, make-up, flavors, bath and shower, body care, hair, man and to nutrition&well-being. Furthermore, there is of the make-up of complexion specialized for the black skins.

At the level of its packaging Yves Rocher looks for recyclable or biodegradable materials.

In conclusion, Yves Rocher pays attention on the nature but also on the women by listening to their expectations and tries to answer it at best.




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