Recently the brand Fenty (Fenty Beauty) by Rihanna came out. It is her first brand of makeup which is available in Sephora. Her makeup brand is dedicated to the face (foundation, bronzer, highlighter etc.). Packaging are very simple reflecting a geometric shape dressed by a pastel color as pink and white.


Is this makeup brand going to works?

The price isn’t above 52€ which can be affordable to everyone and propose 40 shades for everybody which is enormous.
According to the article on, Rihanna said I didn’t care how long it took, I was going to make sure that we covered most skin tones. Diversity and inclusivity are important to the brand”. This quote totally valid the goal of the brand.

The strength of her brand is that it is strongly focused on a routine complexion that includes the different steps of a makeup routine.

To clarify the brand strategy, I would say “Fenty beauty is a lesson in authentic branding” according to the FashionMagazine. Why? First, she is trying to be at the top of each things she’s doing in her career. Rihanna excel in any field she undertakes.

I invite you to click play on her video campaign who shows perfectly what I was saying up.

To finish this article, I would say that Rihanna knows what she wants and we feel perfectly that she was involved at 100% adding her owns tastes when designing her Fenty beauty brand of makeup.





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