A brand posters for men appearing on bulldog’s ASOS page.

Mens are more and more taking care of themselves.. What brands for them ?

The brand Bulldog has nothing to do with dogs but with bearded mens. It bets on the growing market of the men skin care trend and the boom effect of beards. More than ever, the beard is a lifestyle accessory which enables you to step from the basic guys statue to the hipster statue.

The Bulldog’s positioning is then offering high quality products with affordable prices.

Men like more and more to take care of their skins, their hairs and their beards. And brands such as bulldogs understand this trend and propose their product on a market where they know they can succeed easily. They are selling their products on ASOS whcih is a market place on the internet where hipsters. Mens and young mens have the habit of going on it. In consequences, the brand developped a range with many products depending on the needs of the consumers. (dry skin, oily skins, refreshing masks, scrubs, sensitive skins or also moisturizer). It’s the perfect ally for men who prefer treating themselves instead of going to the barber shop every week.


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