Lush a life we believe  

The famous UK brand, that has hit the world with its products is now a leader in its category.
Lush has a brand identity reputation that explain why it’s a really famous brand.
More than products, Lush is representing a real concept.

The Lush universe begin few years ago when the twittosphere discovered the famous « Bath-bomb » a real buzz grew around that with people posting videos of them testing their bombs. It was good stategy  for the brand identity reputation. Then people started to parody those videos and throwing water-melons or even chairs Quickly.
The brand became famous from all teenagers, boys and girls.

Why ? For this target, it’s more interesting to test the product in stores. With friendly and young vibes, the success is guaranteed

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And more and more, the brand is doing something that consumers are looking for : the commitment.
They are engaged in Human rights which means that their employees are well-treated, they are against animal tests, and the environment protection (all packaging are recyclable).

They totally re-think the cosmetic industry with their signature « A Lush life, We believe ». Means that it’s a real lifestyle and that their customers are living a real experience and are part of the Lush family.
The company has no more than 300 stores in the world. It’s not a lot but enough to have a community and make the products sounds like limited products.
The target audience for the company is mostly the women between 18 and 50 years old.
But also men for beards products and shower gel for exemple.
Finally, Lush  created its own positioning and gets very quickly a community of loyal customers. It’s pretty rare and very symbolic of the 21 century’s brand.

Lou Lemaire.


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