The famous reality television personality Kylie Jenner has launched her own brand of cosmetic « Kylie Cosmetics»


She is best known for starring in the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians since age nine. Thanks to her big community on the social media such as instagram (97 millions followers) and snapchat where she is one of the most followed account of the network ; she created her brand with the benefits of her power and her popularity. At only 20, she is one of the richest entrepreneur on the planet. While big cosmetic houses like L’Oréal and Lancôme made nearly 80 years to reach 1 billion sales, the brand Kylie cosmetics raked in 420 millions in 18 months only. Kylie cosmetics is then on its way to become a big house of the cosmetic market.

At the beginning, she and her team has launched it without knowing the power of popularity. Teenage girls are crazy of those make-up products and are often ready to spent hundreds of dollars to got them.

It was not a big deal to understand that it would work. She has her own style and her community obviously tried to copy her and her style. She queekly knew that matte colours could be a good element to differenciate (herself) and her brand from competitors. Even in Europe where Kylie’s cosmetics are still not available. Consumers are ready to pay hundreds dollars and all the fees which are not basicly included. More than a success, it’s a real best-seller.
Lou Lemaire

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