We are going to talk about a brand which overcomes on the internet: HelloBody. This brand comes from Germany and proposes products 100% natural. Inside, a flagship product: coconut oil. We all know the virtues of this kind of product which can make everything on your body, skin, hair, makeup EVERYTHING.

And this brand understands everything. The concept is simple; coffee for the scrub, coconut oil, a delicious scent and the whole in a packing very simple. But it works a lot.

Why it works?

Their communication relies completely on partnerships with tele reality shows people and youtubers or other influencers. Each day on the internet you can be sure to cross an ad for HelloBody no matters how the form is.

The marketing strategy of this brand is to shout out loud that their brand is cruelty free and 100% natural. With this mass marketing strategy on the internet, Hello Body found it’s place close to the consumers.


The packaging

The composition of the products matches perfectly with the packaging which is very simple with pastel colors and coatings different of what we can buy today (type of fruit compote packaging for example). This appear more fun to use and one more time attract more the consumer.

To conclude, this brand works on guidelines very simple but changed their little brand in a big brand well-known by everyone who has an interest for the beauty world.

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