You may or may not know the Skin Care and Make Up brand from New-York, named Glossier. Learn how they build an empire of the beauty industry, by taking great care of their brand identity reputation.

Glossier's philosophy credits:

Glossier’s philosophy credits:

A popular brand identity reputation by essence

At first, Glossier was just a beauty blog (yup, just like us). Thanks to its loyal readership, they’ve managed to made an empire representing the « real beauty ». Their philosophy is to place skin care first, but they also claim that everyone’s beauty is different. They are also a brand that protects animals by refusing to test their products on our little furry friends which is always nice to know !

Glossier is THE trendy beauty brand of the moment and keeps making collabs with influencers, actress or singers on their Youtube Channel to prove it to all of us. Now, the major negative point of their brand identity reputation is that they are only based on the american market since they only ship to the US and Canada. This can also be identified as a want from the brand to create a big movement and grow the want in people’s minds.


Glossier's Youtube Channel is very important in its brand identity reputation

Get ready with me feat Coco Credits: Glossier’s Youtube Channel

Brand identity reputation is all about values

We can explain the great brand identity reputation of Glossier by its roots. As a matter of fact, Glossier was a beauty blog first and then became a beauty brand. They are more than any beauty brand in this industry, aware of the importance of their brand identity reputation. They know that people want an engaed brand, that spreads a positive and empowering message. Glossier’s brand identity reputation is to be a friend, a mentor and a lover to its consumers.

If you are considering to launch your own brand, you know what to do. Insert an empowering and if possible, modern message in your brand marketing. This will highly increase the quality of your brand identity reputation.




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