Essential point to know about Blackup

Blackup was create in 1999 by a professional make-up man of African origin, Fabrice Mahabo. Blackup is one of the first brands top of the range for the black skins or cross.

This brand answers specific needs and affects a very precise clientele, we can speak about unique concept. It allies a professional quality and a pleasure of use for its customers: “effects velvet, matt and powder finity, cover perfected, colors ultra bright anti dull” (According to the site of Sephora).


Liquid foundation in several shades from Blackup

Its expansion around the world …

It is the brand which innovates very regularly, it is present in more than 160 points of sale in France. Furthermore, this mark is present all over the world, it has in particular 6 points of sale in Africa, the Middle East, the Antilles and in the USA. Blackup realizes a turnover of more than 60 % in all its points of sale.

Blackup Foundation Powder


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