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A Bath & Body Works stores in mall in the U.S.

If you are less than 25 years old or if you live in America, you may heard of the chain Bath & Body works. This best-selling brand is offering beauty products and cosmetics mainly such as soap, shower gel or again sanitizer gel.

If they are doing so good, it’s surely because of the phenomenon that it became thanks to the internet. In fact, some Youtube vlogger promotes the brand’s product. Some of them even have thousands of subscribers which means that those free advertisment attract a powerful audience. It thus leads without fail to a trend.

Its positioning is offering high quality care product. The target of the brand is the women as well as the men. The company is targeting more specifically teenagers and pre-adult. They are looking for cosmopolitan’s styled customers, people who follow trends. Its main competitor is The English Body Shop with whom he is often mingled. The tagline is  « Straight from the heartland » which feet perfectly with the positioning of the brand which is kind of a care bears world.

We also find this positioning within the stores with paradise vibes and which are very colorful. It’s not the first time that we see the smell as the strongpoint of the products, the brand Yankee Candle is literally the same concept for candles and not skin care products to the contrary of Bath & body Works.

You can find some similarity like the Autumn as a speciality for products or also Christmas vibes. It’s very trendy to have no more basic smelling products like « Apple » or « Cherry » but « Beach shores » or « Pink sand ». This trend was at the begining an element which enabled brand to differenciates themselves but it’s now more criteria of quality. Those names sounds like the products are more high quality than basics products that we can find in other stores. The prices will be higher than the average but the generation Y is now more about spending more for better.

« Quality before quantity » is the thing we retain from B&BW’s positioning. B&BW is now looking forward to going international and open stores abroad like it is already the case in Dubai. The brand is making its fans waiting like in Europe where the brand is famous without being there. Why ? Thanks to social media like Instagram or Youtube tutorials. It’s not impossible to see in the near futur B&BW’s sotres in our french malls so we’ll keep an eye on it.

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