The well-known skin-care Company from Norway, has always been one of most popular when it comes to drugstore alternatives thanks to its young and dynamic image. But recently they’ve been upgrading this image by lauching a brand new product based on luminotherapy technology.

Since 1930, Neutrogena has gained the European market first, then the American market and is now known world-wild. The Neutrogena Team gives a serious image by adding the mention « Dermatologically tested » or “Dermatologist recomanded brand”  on the products’ packaging or even in the ads. But I must admit that where they’ve been really smart is that they managed to mix this serious brand image with a dynamic and young image by choosing young cinema stars such as Vanessa Hudgens.

dermatologists recomanded brand

“Dermatologist recomanded brand” Credits:

As of now, their brand image has just evolved to a technologic and trendy Company. As a matter of fact, they’ve launched a really inovative product a few weeks ago. I’m talking about the Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment line composed by the pen and the full-face mask. And in order to promote this product the best to the young audience, they’ve come to the luminous idea of using Youtubers and Influencors parternships as their new (and definitly in) communication canal. Of course, they haven’t end the whole tv ad and press thing since it’s a really efficient way to reach the young target in this market.

The Light Mask by Neutrogena credits:

The Light Mask by Neutrogena

For instance, we can talk about the LA based Youtuber, Lauren Elizabeth, who has recently talked about the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment in one of her Youtube videos and posted a (really cute) picture of the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask on her Instagram page, with the mention « Paid partnership with Neutrogena ».

Lauren's post on Instagram Credits: Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren’s post on Instagram
Credits: Lauren Elizabeth

We can anticipate a fluctuant future for Neutrogena who managed to upgrade their brand image to a 2.0 level.


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